Administrative Staff & Operations

Auxiliary Security Services

Contract security officers regularly patrol and are stationed both day and night. Although unarmed, they are trained to spot threats to life and property and respond appropriately.

Security Officers can be hired to provide security at special events by filling out the Contract Security Requisition Form.

Auxiliary Security Services is headed by:

Security Manager/Contract Administrator: 305-284-6897
Barbara Jones   

Security Supervisors:  305-284-9952
Arcena Pyles     

Connor Spear

Crime Prevention

Our Crime Prevention Office acts as the primary liaison between students, faculty and staff, and the UM Police Department.  Their goal is to increase community awareness through crime prevention programs, tips, events, and alerts.

And very importantly, this works to generate a sense of personal responsibility and awareness in each member of the UM community to reduce criminal opportunities.

To review the UM Bicycle Policy, visit PolicyStat

The Crime Prevention Office is headed by:
Officer Alexandra Martinez   305-284-1105

Criminal Investigations

Our Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for investigating all crimes reported to University Police Officers.  Crimes are analyzed for solvability (based on witnesses and/or evidence), trends and the criminal’s characteristic patterns or “modus operandi.”  Often times the information provided by students, faculty or staff through anonymous “tips,” use of the silent witness form or use of our Crime Stoppers program that has enabled the Criminal Investigations Division to apprehend responsible individual(s).

Many crimes investigated by CID are “crimes of opportunity.”  These crimes often involve unattended property or unlocked doors to offices, dorms and vehicles. Valuable property should always be kept secure and out of sight.

The Criminal Investigations Division is headed by:
Sergeant Addy Dweck  305-284-5144

Communications Center (Dispatch)

Our UM Police Dispatch Center is responsible for receiving all emergency and non-emergency calls, and coordinating an appropriate response.  In addition, the center monitors the location of emergency services personnel and maintains continuous communications with our staff.

Calls from Blue Light Telephones are also routed to the UM Police Dispatch Center.

Dispatch is headed by:
Communications Supervisor
Gabriel Rebustillo  305-284-1643


Our Records Division is responsible for managing reports and records generated by Police Officers and Police administration.  Reports and statistics generated by this division greatly aide in determining how law enforcement resources are best positioned and utilized.

Records is headed by:
Delia Bugallo  305-284-8078

Recruitment /Backgrounds

Our Recruitment/Background Investigations Unit is responsible for (1) overseeing UMPD recruitment and selection, (2) conducting background investigations on applicants, (3) coordinating Police Training and (4) maintaining IACLEA professional law-enforcement certification for the UMPD.

Background Investigations / Police Training is headed by:
Detective Albert Alonso  305-284-1117

Road Patrol

Our Police Road Patrol/Operations is responsible for proactive patrolling, responding to emergency and non-emergency, enforcement of laws (including traffic), maintaining working relationships with the University community.  UM Police patrol by motor vehicle, golf cart, bicycle, and on foot.  UMPD Road Patrol is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Road Patrol headed by
Lt. Benjamin Hedrick 305-284-4047

For information about UMPD policies and procedures, visit PolicyStat