Common Types of Crimes

Through this page you can access information on common types of crimes.  Please access detailed information on each through the links below:

Identity Theft & Scams

  • Identity theft is on the rise. Identity thieves steal personal information, credit card data, bank account data, bank loans and even jobs. The damage can be extensive, both financially and emotionally, and can take years to correct. If you are the victim of identity theft, remember that no matter how frustrating the situation becomes, there is hope.


  • Stalking is a serious crime that is not taken lightly by the UM Police Department. The following guidelines are intended to help you protect yourself, but are not a substitute for police involvement. You should report stalking to the police so they can assist you and attempt to arrest the stalker.


  • Theft of unattended or unsecured property accounts for over half of all crime on the Coral Gables Campus. By working together, the community and the UM Police Department could reduce crime on campus by over fifty percent.