Student Government Advisory Board

Our Student Campus Liason Council (CLC) serves as the official liaison between the student body and the University of Miami Police Department (UMPD). Aggregating comments, questions, and concerns are voiced by students, and in return the Campus Liason Council connects with UMPD in assurance to continue the flow of information throughout our community. The Campus Liason Council continually works with UMPD on special projects and programs aimed at improving campus safety. The group has regular meetings, some that are open to the community. For more information contact:

Continuing Campus Liason Council Goals

  • Function as an information, idea, and communication conduit between the student body and UMPD.
  • Seek, aggregate, and share student safety comments, questions and concerns with UMPD to assure two-way communication.
  • Assist UMPD in safety program information dissemination to the student body.
  • Propose and implement special projects and programs aimed at improving campus safety and communications.
  • Work in conjunction with UMPD on collaborative projects and programs.
  • Conduct regular board meetings with a UMPD representative present.

Current CLC Board Members - 2020/2021 Academic Year

  • Director of University Affairs - Samantha Jimenez
  • Campus Security Liason - Manu Thota