Serving Our Community

UMPD's Bike Patrol Used in Campus-Oriented Policing

University of Miami Police Department (UMPD) continues to take progressive approaches to engage our community while providing police services on the Coral Gables campus. Recently, we have found that bicycle patrol provides better community relations, cost savings, faster response times, and environmental benefits. The novelty of a police officer on a bike is often enough to start positive relationships with members of our culturally diverse campus.

When our UMPD officers go on bicycle patrol, they have the advantage of riding around campus swiftly, as well as avoiding obstacles and hazards that a patrol vehicle cannot maneuver around. University campuses are characterized by car free zones, clusters of buildings with limited vehicle access, constant construction, events of all kinds, texting pedestrians, and bicycle and skateboard traffic. Bicycle patrol officers have an unmatched ability to be in the center of crowds with the means to get around quickly and respond to calls for service without delay. In addition, bicycle patrol officers have a better sense within the campus environment, and in turn can recognize crimes as they are happening.

UMPD Officers Jose Rojas and Willie Jones routinely patrol our campus on bikes. Both officers have reported that students, faculty, and staff are more likely to talk about legal matters, directions, parking information, and/or ask for information from a bicycle patrol officer compared to approaching an officer in a parked patrol car. These positive contacts help counter stereotypes of police officers, and help reinforce efforts to establish trust between the community and the department.

While we know our bicycle patrol is essential for community policing, this type of policing also allows us to embrace the University's mobility, Green U, and 'Canes Wellness programs. Next time you see one of UMPD officers on bicycle patrol, take the time to engage and learn more about the bicycle patrol and other programs UMPD has to offer.