Bicycle Safety and Registration

Bicycle Lock & Registration Program
U-bicycle Locks and Registrations are provided to all bicycle owners by UMPD. To register your bicycle and receive your free bicycle lock, simply bring in your bicycle and your 'Cane Card to UM Police located on the ground floor of the Flipse Building. If your bicycle is ever lost, stolen or confiscated for non-compliance with the University bicycle guidelines, registration will aid UM Police in locating and returning your bicycle. Anyone affiliated with the University in any way may purchase a discounted lock for $20.00, payable by cash or check.

Non-Secured Bicycle Locking Program
The objective of the program is to eliminate the presence of unattended or unsecured bicycles making for fewer “easy targets” for thieves to steal. UMPD as a matter of practice will lock non-secured bikes as they are encountered.  Should this happen to you, you will need to contact UMPD to have the bicycle unlocked.

Abandoned Bicycle Confiscation Program
UMPD does confiscate abandoned bicycles.  To learn more click here.

Bicycle Laws & Safety
In the state of Florida, bicycles are legally defined as vehicles. Cyclists must obey the same traffic laws as other drivers. Pedestrians must be given the right of way. Cyclists should follow these guidelines. More than 70 percent of bicycle-related fatalities are the result of head injuries, please wear your helmet. 

Bicycle Safety Tips
At night, always wear light-colored clothing and make sure you have an illuminated headlight and taillight—it’s state law. Ride with traffic. Don’t ride against the flow of traffic. All bicycles used, kept, or otherwise on the Coral Gables campus are required by University policy to be officially registered with UMPD and secured whenever not in use at a designated bicycle rack with a UMPD issued U-lock. Bicycles in violation of this policy are subject to being secured and/or impounded. UMPD bicycle registration and U-locks are free of charge.

A Guide to Bicycles on Campus

Bicycle rack & repair station map