Safety Escorts

UMPD 24/7 Safety Escort Service

University Police


A UM Police employee or security officer will make sure you are free to walk the campus safely any time and on any day, holidays and school breaks included.  One of these professionals will meet you and walk with or transport you safely to your destination.  All escort providers carry a radio and are in constant contact with UMPD.

Anyone may request a safety escort, at no cost.  Safety escorts generally only cover campus property, including the University Village area and the Gables One Tower.  The average wait time for an employee to respond to your location is under 15 minutes.  While the Safety Escort service is not intended to be a regularly scheduled service, in advance, there is no limit to how many safety escorts you may request.  For more information, contact the UMPD Crime Prevention Office at 305-284-1105.

Safe Ride

UM Parking & Transportation


Safe Ride (on-demand transportation service) operates Monday - Friday between 10:00pm to 3:00am. Call 305-769-6065 for a ride. 

The service will pick up/drop off within the Coral Gables campus perimeter. Service will not go past streets bordering the Coral Gables campus or to personal home. 

For additional information contact or call 305-284-3096.